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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is there an age limit? 
A: We do not recommend children under 10 go through, but it is left up to the parents.  Parents should know whether their child can handle it or not.   IF YOUR CHILD STARTS CRYING UNCONTROLLABLY  A SECURITY GUARD WILL TAKE THEM OUT AND YOU WILL NOT GET A REFUND!
Please, save your money and your child's mental health and wait until they are old enough to deal with
the scary environment inside DarkWood. 

Q:  How many are allowed in at once?
A:  Groups touring the haunted house can be no bigger than 6 people.  Group sizes can be smaller, but they can be no bigger than 6 people.  This is not only a safety rule, but if groups are larger than 6 then people in the group tend to miss a lot of the action and that is not fair to them.

Q: Is it scary?
A:  Yes!

Q: How long does it take to go through?
A: Between 15-20 minutes.

Q: Can I wear a mask?
A: No, DarkWood is dark, and masks obscures vision.  Also, you may be mistaken for one of the actors, and we beat our actors, so to avoid a beating please take off your mask.  Costumes are okay.

 Q: Are you open if it rains?
A: Yes!  We are open whether it rains or not.  Most of DarkWood takes place indoors, but our waiting line is outside, so dress appropriately. 

Q: Can I buy tickets there?
A: No.  tickets must be purchased on line.  You can use your phone to buy tickets once you arrive
at DarkWood if any are still available for the time slot you want.

Q: What if I get there at closing time?
A: All ticket holders for that night must be in line by 11pm.

Q: Can I use tickets I bought on line for a certain night on some other night.
A: No.  Tickets must be used for the night they are purchased.

Q: Do people touch you?
 A: NO!  All our actors are instructed not to touch the customers, however there are confined spaces and accidental touching occurs.

Q: Is there a real DarkWood Manor?  Was there a DarkWood family?
A: Yes

Q: Parking??
A: We have a parking lot in front of Darkwood Manor.  Our parking lot fills up quick, but DarkWood Manor is located in dowtown Luray and there are two of public parking lots within a short walk of us.  There is one on the corner of Mechanic Street and 340, and there is one on South Hawksbill St.  Both are just a short walk along the Greenway to DarkWood Manor.  Also, there is street parking available.  Please don't park in private parking areas of people's homes or apartment buildings.
And above all else, please don't litter.  There are trash receptacles at Darkwood and along the Greenway.  Use them please. 

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