DarkWood Manor

Fri. Sep. 30th 7pm-11pm
Sat. Oct. 1st 7pm-11pm
Sun. Oct. 2nd 7pm-10pm

Fri. Oct. 7th 7pm-11pm
Sat. Oct. 8th 7pm-11pm
Sun. Oct. 9th 7pm-10pm

Fri. Oct. 14th 7pm-11pm
Sat. Oct. 15th 7pm-11pm
Sun. Oct. 16th 7pm-10pm

Fri. Oct. 21st 7pm-11pm
Sat. Oct. 22nd 7pm-11pm
Sun. Oct. 23rd 7pm-10pm

Fri. Oct. 28thth 7pm-11pm
Sat. Oct. 29th 6pm-11pm
Sun. Oct. 30th 7pm-10pm
Mon. Oct. 31st 7pm-10pm

Tickets are available at the gate.
Tickets are $13

VIP (fast pass) tickets are $24

Cash only at the gate.  To use a credit card, please purchase
your tickets online...


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