DarkWood Manor

September 28th (Friday) 7pm-11pm

September 29th (Saturday) 7pm-11pm
September 30th (Sunday) 7pm-10pm

October 5th (Friday) 7pm-11pm
October 6th (Saturday) 7pm-11pm
October 7th (Sunday) 7pm-10pm

October 12th (Friday) 7pm-11pm

October 13th (Saturday) 7pm-11pm
October 14th (Sunday) 7pm-10pm

October 19th (Friday) 7pm-11pm

October 20th (Saturday) 7pm-11pm
October 21st (Sunday) 7pm-10pm

October 26th (Friday) 7pm-11pm
October 27th (Saturday) 7pm-11pm
October 28th (Sunday) 7pm-10pm

October 31st (Wednesday) 7pm-10pm

Tickets can be bought at the gate with cash only.

DarkWood Manor Tickets are $15
COMBO TICKETS (DarkWood Plus Doctor Brain's 3D Mind Maze)  are $20
Speed Pass tickets that includes both attractions are $30

Cash only at the gateTo use a credit card, please purchase
your tickets online...
If you buy tickets on line be sure to print them out! 


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